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The rapid changes in technology in the computer industry mean that it can be difficult to stay current with the best practices in the field. One way to make sure you have the latest information, or to get trained in a new area of information technology, is to attend a boot camp or training program that prepares you to take an industry certification exam.

In addition, many employers look at industry certification as proof that you know your material. In some ways it's like a diploma or degree -- it shows that you have a certain level of knowledge of the industry. As a result, becoming certified can lead to a better job or additional pay.

These certification preparation programs provide focused instruction on the material you need to need to know to pass the exam. Sometimes certification training is included as part of diploma or certificate programs at a college or university. In other cases, the training is boot camp style, where attendees participate in a concentrated series of lessons and hands-on training in just a few days.

Most certification training programs are offered in the evenings and on weekends, so you can improve your skills while you continue working.

Here is a list of some of the post popular certification training programs:

A Plus Certification

The A Plus or A+ certification is administered by Comp-TIA, and is a measure of the basic ability to configure and install, upgrade, and troubleshoot personal computers and operating systems. There are two separate exams, one for personal computer hardware, and the other for PC operating systems.

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Network Plus Certification

The Network Plus or Network+ certification measures the ability of the candidate to administer and support local area networks. The exam is divided into four parts, including media and topologies, protocols and standards, network implementation, and network support. Prior to taking the exam, the candidate should have a knowledge of PC hardware and operating systems, as evidenced by passing the A+ exam, or its equivalent.

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